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ongro boys 

Formed in 1985. Please enjoy the charming, free and loose electro music delivered by your two childhood friends with a light feeling. 

We also run "OBAG RECORDS" and work to form a diverse community.

1985年に結成したongroboys。 幼馴染二人がお届けする愛嬌たっぷりな自由でゆるいエレクトロ音楽を、どうぞ軽い気持ちでお楽しみください。

また音楽レーベル”OBAG RECORDS"を運営し、多様なコミュニティ形成に取り組んでいます。



From Japan

Started a band in junior high school.As a hobby, he writes lyrics and composes, and begins underground music activities.From 2020, the stage will be moved to the WEB and full-scale start.In recent years, back pain and eyestrain have been severe.

On holidays, He enjoy playing baseball with his children.




From Japan

Started playing the piano as a child.He started a band in junior high school, and enjoys composing and editing as a hobby.In recent years, my arms have not risen because of my forty shoulders.

On holidays, He play with his son in the park.





Quarrel in kindergarten. And become friends.



Play well



When We entered junior high school, We bought a guitar and started a band. Mr Morikawa buys a black guitar. Mr Abe buys a red guitar. Then play copy songs and original songs.



Morikaw suddenly buys a drum set. When the drums were brought into Mr. Morikawa's home, Ab quietly handed over the delivery and the set was completed safely, with the sideways quarreling with his parents.



Formed a band in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. However, it was far from home, transportation costs were high, and it was dissolved in a few times due to lack of money. After that, We will look for members in the neighborhood.



Started live band activities in earnest from the third year of high school.



Started live activities in Tokyo when We entered university. We is active in Akihabara, Harajuku, Koenji, etc.



Became a member of society and suspended live activities.



Occasionally start a session in the studio along with each musical activity.



Started the transition to music production by DAW. The session continues in the studio.



DAW production version, 1st ALBUM "FAMILY" Release

Start Instagram

Started regular music release.

DAW制作版、1st ALBUM 「FAMILY」 Release

 Instagram を Start



2nd ALBUM 「LOVELY」 Release


Instrument ALBUM 「DAFT ZOO」Release


Remake ALBUM「2021FAMILY2022」Release

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