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ONGROBOYS operates the music label "OBAG RECORDS".

We, "OBAG RECORDS", are working to realize a diverse community by connecting diverse artists, diverse music, and diverse personalities. People who like music, people who like art, people who like visuals, people who like modeling activities ... Please hit our door.

ONGROBOYSは音楽レーベル"OBAG RECORDS" を運営しています。

私たち"OBAG RECORDS" は多様なアーティストと多様な音楽、そして多様な個性をつなげ、多様なコミュニティーの実現を目指して活動しています。音楽が好きな人、アートが好きな人、ヴィジュアルが好きな人、モデル活動が好きな人・・・・、ご連絡お待ちしております。


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When She was young, She decided to become a singer when She performed a song in front of the crowd at the Bon Odori Festival. Under the influence of her sisters, She is absorbed in various electronic music. After that, he devoted himself to a number of artistic activities, but started making demos in the bedroom by purchasing a Mac computer.

Full-scale start of regular music distribution from 2021. She has released 4 singles so far.

幼い頃に盆踊り大会の群衆の前で歌を披露した事がきっかけでシンガーを目指す事に。 姉達の影響で様々なエレクトロニック・ミュージックに夢中になる。 その後、数々の芸術活動に身を投じるが、Macのパソコンを購入した事によりベッドルームでのデモ制作をスタート。

Instagram @coshari_  https://www.instagram.com/coshari_

soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/cosharhythm

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ONGROBOYS formed in 1985. Please enjoy the charming, free and loose electro music delivered by your two childhood friends with a light feeling. 

We also run "OBAG RECORDS" and are working to form a diverse community.

1985年に結成したongroboys。 幼馴染二人がお届けする愛嬌たっぷりな自由でゆるいエレクトロ音楽を、どうぞ軽い気持ちでお楽しみください。

 また”OBAG RECORDS"を運営し、多様なコミュニティ形成に取り組んでいます。

Instagram @ongroboys https://www.instagram.com/ongroboys

YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWg46hlJ4i8fGAiNCCm5VgA


Service / 

Music production

(Composition / Arrangement / MIX / MASTERING / Delivery)



Case study

For vocalists ①

Contact → Provision of vocals and chord progressions (self) → Production of music based on the materials received → Meeting → Digital delivery or distribution

For vocalists ②

Contact → Providing music → Recording songs (self or studio) → Arrangement of music → Meeting → Digital delivery or distribution

For acoustics

Contact → Meeting → Digital delivery or distribution



ご連絡 → ボーカルやコード進行のご支給(セルフ) → いただいた素材をもとに楽曲の制作 → 打ち合わせ → デジタルで納品や配信


ご連絡 → 楽曲の提供 → 歌の録音(セルフorスタジオ) → 楽曲の編曲 → 打ち合わせ → デジタルで納品や配信


ご連絡 → 打ち合わせ → デジタルで納品や配信